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Chart Of The Decade

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ALL Inflation Is “Transitory”! It is not difficult to plausibly argue that, certain positives notwithstanding, the existence of central banks (through its ever expanding reach and magnitude of interference in free-markets) is also a major contributant to the structural problems… Read More »Chart Of The Decade

Boring is the new black

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Where do you go to fine respite in uncertain times? Value (and stores of value). Yes utilities, copper-mining and government-bonds are not-sexy investments, but they will rule for the next decade. In the above graph, inflation is represented by the… Read More »Boring is the new black

Inflation is never a surprise

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Something for nothing is not an allowed process in nature. The misguided shutdowns in 2021 exacerbated by “helicopter-money” created out of nothing surely has consequences. Printing fiat currency (black) printing rate has always preceded jumps in inflation (red). Subsequently, the… Read More »Inflation is never a surprise