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Tim H

Chart Of The Decade

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ALL Inflation Is “Transitory”! It is not difficult to plausibly argue that, certain positives notwithstanding, the existence of central banks (through its ever expanding reach and magnitude of interference in free-markets) is also a major contributant to the structural problems… Read More »Chart Of The Decade

TOOO Expensive

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(posted 2023-Sep-11) Why should one take a risk on stocks when the same return (or better!) is available risk-free? It does not get any simpler than that, short of irrational tendencies if not outright innumeracy. Those tendencies have always occurred… Read More »TOOO Expensive

Manufacturers know

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Remember this prediction from a previous Brief here? Based on its amazing correlation we predicted a recession in 23Q4 and into 2024. Here is another amazingly reliable correlation: PPI (Producer Price Index) is a measure of inflation at the wholesale… Read More »Manufacturers know


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Three decades of easy money through circumventing the free market by the central banks, culminated by the orgiastic money-for-nohtin’, and the shut-ins ushered in 2020-21 (by innumerate politicians abdicating their responsibilities to the likes of the good-ol’ doctor Fauci) is… Read More »Bail-in